I have never ceased to be awed and inspired by the power of the human mind and spirit.

Psychotherapy is a pathway to creating the life you want by identifying and removing obstacles and finding ways to work toward the positive changes you need. At my Little Rock Clinic, I provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families to help my clients create positive change and personal empowerment for confident, joyful, hopeful, and fulfilling lives.

I use a number of treatment approaches, depending on the specific needs of my clients. I specialize in the use of EMDR therapy for the treatment of stress, anxiety, trauma, phobias, and other issues.

Chanda Camden, LCSW - Treatment Philosophy

I believe in a strength-based perspective to therapy and a collaborative relationship between therapist and client. At my Little Rock clinic, I provide a calm, relaxed environment to support comfort and healing.
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About EMDR Thearpy
EMDR therapy is a fast and effective way to direct healing and change. > Read more about EMDR therapy